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About Dr. Griffiths

My goal is to offer guidance to individuals so that they can begin to live happier, more fulfilled, purpose-driven lives, and to provide support through some of the more challenging times in their lives. I find this work very meaningful and in return
it enhances my ability to live a happier, more purpose-driven life.

I earned my doctorate (Ph.D.) in Counselor Education/minor in psychology from North Carolina State University. My graduate interests focused on women’s issues, individual identity development and career/academic stress and anxiety management. I am a National Board Certified Counselor (NCC #69560) and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of North Carolina (LPC #4768). I enjoy supervising master’s and doctorate counselors-in-training and teach as an adjunct professor at NC State University. I have presented on professional topics at National and International Conferences and I am a Board Certified Career and Life Coach (BCC #1193).

In addition to my years of experience in private practice, I have worked as a university counselor, school counselor, and career counselor. I have served thousands of clients experiencing a broad range of issues. I have helped individuals struggling with anxiety, major life transitions, women’s issues, gender identity, relationship issues, career transitions, grief and loss, life goal attainment, self-esteem, and management of other significant life challenges.

My aim is to help you gain practical skills and tap into your personal life compass so that you can increase your capacity to live with purpose, intention and peace of mind. In other words, to help you become a more conscious director of your life.

I can help you work through self-limiting beliefs and modify subsequent behaviors that sustain difficult feelings (i.e., fears), that hold you back. I can support you in recognizing what is possible, and making personal choices that have purpose and direction, replacing fear driven actions and transforming the emotional disturbance into opportunities for growth and success.

I provide an integrative clinical approach to therapy, drawing upon various aspects of cognitive-behavioral (CBT), mindfulness, solution-focused, and humanistic theories. I offer a personalized approach tailored to each client and work to adapt techniques that best address your particular challenges.

For therapy to be effective, it is essential that we work in alliance and that our sessions include your active participation and commitment to the therapeutic process. I will support you in this process, while helping you see situations in new ways, enabling you to make a positive change. My clients often comment that I am warm, accepting, insightful, and have a good sense of humor. I believe these qualities are essential in creating a therapeutic alliance so that my clients feel safe and free to express themselves so they can develop personal awareness and skills for change.

My other passion includes life coaching. Having observed the benefits of this service, I became a Board Certified Coach. I am also a certified Martha Beck Life Coach (MBLC). Martha Beck, Ph.D. gained national attention as a life coach while working with Oprah. She is a Harvard graduate and best-selling author. For more information on life coaching, click on my Coaching Services page.